Results From Cigar Mile Handicapping Contest December 2nd

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Cigar Mile Handicapping contest January 2nd at the Ponies & Pints OTB in Richmond. Contestants received a $2 mythical win/place bet on 8 different stakes races between Aqueduct & Gulfstream. $500 in cash prizes were awarded among the top 5 finishers as follows: $250 – $125 – $60 – $40 – $25.

Winning horses in the last 2 Claiming Crown contest races at Gulfstream paid $35.80 and $16.20, which gave several contestants a come from behind jolt into the top 10. Though they weren’t contest races, the winners of races one and three at Gulfstream paid $133.00 and $117.20 — both were maiden special weight races.

Here are the top 10 finishers with their respective mythical bankrolls:

Ashley Etzel ($64.80)

Jeff Butti ($51.80)

Howard Jordan ($47.80)

Sean Nish ($46.40)

Franklin Robinson ($44.40)

Richard Mason ($39.40)

Joseph Brown ($38.00)

Jai Robertson ($36.20)

Ted Andrewski ($35.00)

Tyron Bryant ($33.20).

The next contest is Saturday January 13th at Breakers Sports Grille. The Buckets OTB in Chesapeake will host one as well in the coming weeks.