Summer 6-Pick Handicapping Results From Sunday July 8th Contest; $800 On The Line This Sunday In Richmond

Congratulations to the winners of yesterday’s “Summer 6-Pick” handicapping contest, which was held at both The Windmill OTB Sports Grill in Collinsville and Breakers Spots Grille OTB in Henrico.

In Collinsville, Chelsie Coleman ($175), Modest Lambert ($100), Helen Cannaday ($50) and Dale Lamberth ($25) were the big winners. $250 was shared by contestants that had the four highest mythical bankrolls, and $100 was awarded to the contestant that had the most winners in the 6 contest races (which was 3 of 6). Chelsie had the second highest mythical bankroll, which got her $75, and she was also the contestant that had 3 of 6 winners, which earned her another $100. The next contest date at The Windmill OTB is on Sunday August 5th.

The free Summer 6-Pick contest returns to the Windmill OTB in Collinsville on Sunday August 5th.

At the Breakers Sports Grille OTB, Linda Tatum had the highest bankroll of any player— by far — since she chose $97.00 winner Dixie Serenade as her pick in Belmont’s Victory Ride Stakes. She also added Dixie’s place price of $23.40 to her mythical bankroll, which earned her $100 as top contestant. Joe Tatum finished second ($75), Mike Gerber was third ($50) and Robinette Boulware was fourth ($25). Five players had 2 of the 6 winners, which earned them each $20. The next contest date at the Breakers OTB is Sunday July 29th.

Since nobody selected 6 of 6 at either OTB, a carryover jackpot will be in effect for the next contest — Sunday July 15th at Ponies & Pints OTB in downtown  Richmond. Any contestant that picks the last 6 races of Belmont’s card correctly will win $550 ($300 carryover plus the $250 each week dedicated to that aspect of the contest). Of course, contestants with the top four mythical bankrolls will also share $250. Players can deposit a free entry on Sunday between 11 AM – 3:30 PM. All contestants will also get a free Belmont program.