Horsemen To Have First Preference For Extra Tables, Boxes & Seats at Colonial Downs Based On Loosening Of Covid Restrictions

The Colonial Downs racing season kicks off in six weeks and there is good news to share based on the Governor’s most recent May 28 loosening of Covid-related restrictions at sporting events, attractions and restaurants. 

Reserved box and grandstand seats, under cover, are on sale now at

To date, Colonial has been selling seats and tables in the 3rd and 4th floor air-conditioned dining rooms at socially distanced spacing. Same with grandstand seats and box seats. But with the restrictions loosening, all seats and tables that had not been for sale prior to May 28 will now be available! There is one minor difference this year compared to 2019 — box seats will not be serviced by wait staff this year.   

By running at 1:45 PM this summer, Colonial Downs hopes to avoid early evening thunderstorms that disrupted racing several times last year.

As a horseman and racing fan, you are seeing this announcement first before it is made public to everyone else. Simply visit and pick out and purchase your seats and tables to events like Opening Day on July 19, MATCH Series Day on August 23, Virginia Derby Day on August 31 and Virginia-Bred Stakes Day on September 1.   

Anyone with questions can contact Colonial’s Sales Director, Jodie Munn, at