Foxfield Steeplechase Races In Charlottesville

Date: April 27, 2019
Time: 9:00 am  to  5:00 pm

One of Virginia’s rich spring traditions continues on Saturday April 27th in Charlottesville with the  Foxfield Races! In a period of three consecutive Saturdays, the Middleburg Spring Races (April 20th), Foxfield Races (April 27th) and Virginia Cup Races (May 4th) are held.

Foxfield is a tailgating event, and here are some specifics: If you choose to purchase a parking space on the rail or infield, you will receive a specific number of tickets depending on the space that you purchase. Rail spaces are more expensive than second row, third row or infield spaces. Most rail spaces are pre-reserved (meaning people have had those spaces for many years) and the “owners” have until a pre-determined deadline to purchase their space for this year. If the “owner” does not respond, the space becomes available for purchase by another purchaser for this year only. The advantages to having a space on the rail or the infield is that you have your food, beverage, chairs, and with you at your space. If you choose not to purchase a parking space then you will need a ticket and an Invitation Parking Pass to park your car in Invitation Parking (formally known as General Admission Parking).  Children 8 and under are free of charge but will need a Child Ticket in the Pink and Purple Section only, which are available through the race office. Children in the Orange, Green, Blue, Chalet Tent and South Hill do not need a ticket.

Tickets are sold either online or at the race office. Orange and Green Infield Parking Places, Invitation Tickets and Invitation Parking are sold online, or through our ticket outlets. Rail Parking Places, and Sponsor Tickets are sold through the race office only. For more information, visit or call 434-293-9501.

History of the Foxfield Races

Mariann de Tejeda was a long time resident of Albemarle County who generously funded the purchase of property for what is now known as the Foxfield Racing Association and Race Course. Mrs. de Tejeda incorporated the races and the grounds to support the ageless equestrian sport of steeplechasing.

Prior to the creation of Foxfield Races the property was the local airport with the hangar still visible. The former owner, Grover Vandevener purchased the property and taught riding to people of all ages, with the majority of his students being children. Mr. Vandevener was the Hunstman for the Farmington Hunt Club, which at one time adjoined the Foxfield property. The Foxfield property is rich in heritage and since 1978 rich with the tradition of Steeplechase.

In 1977 Ms. de Tejeda collaborated with Raymond G Wolfe, best known as the author of the defining book on Secretariat, to design and build one of the finest steeplechase courses on the Atlantic Seaboard. Mr. Wolfe ushered in the Foxfield affiliation with the National Steeplechase Association, an elite organization who runs and promotes nationally sanctioned steeplechase races.

Since 1978 to present day the attendees have witnessed spectacular horse racing. Thomas Shifflet, race course superintendent, has been recognized by the National Steeplechase Association, owners, trainers and jockeys for maintaining an excellent equine course from the day of Foxfield’s inception.

The races are a bi-annual event. The spring race is always held the last Saturday in April. The spring race attracts a more vivacious crowd, with over 25,000 guest in attendance. The fall race, known as “Family Day” is always held the last Sunday in September and appeals to Families and a more subdued crowd. The fall race hosts a variety of activities for children and families.

Foxfield Racing Association selects local charities to receive a part of race proceeds from both the spring and fall races.