Virginia Gold Cup Races at Great Meadow

Date: May 6, 2017
Time: 10:00 am  to  7:00 pm

Enjoy one of the premier race experiences in the country, and it’s right here in Virginia on Kentucky Derby Day! Celebrate the 92nd annual Virginia Gold Cup Races with over 70,000 of your closest friends at Great Meadow in The Plains.


Tailgating, fancy hats and terrier races are just part of the scene. There will be a combination of steeplechase and flat races you can wager on —whether it be from your own personal mobile device or from some of the many betting windows set up around the event (cash betting only). And after the last live horse race, stick around for the simulcast of the Kentucky Derby, which you can wager on too!

Tailgating & Activities

  • Tailgating Contest -presented by West Belmont Place at the National Conference Center

Tailgating at the Virginia Gold Cup races is a time honored tradition so make the most of the day and participate in the Tailgate Contest.  The best tailgates have a theme, decorations and special food and drinks recipes. Reserved tailgating spots are available on the Member’s Hill, North Rail and South Rail.

When you reserve a tailgate spot you are eligible to enter the tailgate competition – and it is free! Tailgates are judged by a panel of local food and TV personalities.

If you have reserved a tailgate spot and would like to enter the competition, send your name, contact information, and tailgate spot number to by 5pm on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Past prizes have included dinners and hotel stays, airline tickets and gift baskets.

Official drink: The Mint Julep click here for the recipe

  • Hat Contest Presented by Paul Henry’s Windows

Once again, we will be holding our popular hat contest on Race Day!  Join the fun and excitement at 2:15pm in the paddock. A beautiful or whimsical hat celebrating the tradion of racing and the rites of spring are all that is needed to join!  Head to the Paddock around 2:15 to get registered.  Contest begins promptly at 2:15.

Categories Judged include:
1. Best Racing Theme
2. Funniest/Most Outrageous
3. Most Glamorous/Elegant
4. Best Child (under 18)
5. Best Men’s Showing

If you party is located in either the North or South areas of the course tell them at the gate that you are headed to the hat contest to join in the fun!

For more details, and to purchase tickets, visit

Here is a list of entries as of May 1st, 2017. This is the official overnight sheet.


The 92nd Annual Virginia Gold Cup at The Plains, VA – Saturday, May 06, 2017

Post Time – 12:30 p.m.


FIRST RACE (#53) Purse $40,000. Sport of Kings Maiden Hurdle. 2-1/8 Miles over National Fences.

POST TIME: 12:30 p.m.

1 SHOW KING [L] g.6 154 Shannon Hill Farm Jimmy Day

2 ICONIC ARTIST [L] g.6 154 Doyle, J Willow Oaks Stables LLC Elizabeth H. Voss

3 OTHER CHEEK [L] g.6 154 McDermott, S Woodslane Farm Jack Fisher

4 BIEDERMEIER [L] g.6 154 Geraghty, R Riverdee Stable Todd J. Wyatt

5 MOORLAND (IRE) [L] g.4 144 Young, P Sharon E. Sheppard Leslie F. Young

6 JUMP TO JUNEAU [L] g.4 144 Galligan, G KMSN Stable Jonathan Sheppard

7 BARNACLE BILL (IRE) g.5 154 Dahl, G The Fields Stable Elizabeth H. Voss

8 MUTIN (FR) [L] g.7 154 Norris, K Kinross Farm Richard L. Valentine

9 ARTIE’S FLIGHT [L] g.5 154 Boucher, R Why Not Racing LLC Lilith Boucher

10 DAPPER DAN [L] g.5 154 Norris, K Donna T. Rogers Neil R. Morris

AE11 HOODED [L] g.6 *149 Crowley, B Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy

AE12 DYNAFORMERSREQUEST [L] g.5 154 McCarthy, W Noble Stables Jack Fisher

AE13 INDIGO HEART [L] g.7 154 Price-Richardson Stable Arch Kingsley, Jr.

AE14a SET TO MUSIC [L] g.6 154 Mrs. S. K. Johnston Jr. Katherine S. Neilson

AE15 KING OF THE ROAD [L] g.4 144 Murphy, J Jeff Murphy Jeff Murphy

AE16 EVER SO LUCKY [L] g.8 154 Norris, K Augustin Stables Richard L. Valentine

AE17 WILDLIFE ARTIST g.6 154 Beecher, M Thistledown Farm Mark Beecher

AE18 SACKETT [L] g.4 144 Galligan, G Jonathan Sheppard Jonathan Sheppard

AE19 BISHOP’S CASTLE [L] g.8 154 Geraghty, R Bruton Street-US Todd J. Wyatt

AE20a HANNO [L] (x7) g.6 154 Frost, H Mrs. S. K. Johnston Jr. Jack Fisher


SECOND RACE (#54) Purse $40,000. THE STEEPLETHON STAKES. Timber Stakes. 3 Miles over National Fences.

POST TIME: 1:15 p.m.

1 SALUDA SAM [L] g.12 170 McCarthy, W Irvin S. Naylor William Meister

2 PRESELI ROCK (IRE) [L] g.7 160 Frost, H Bruton Street-US Jack Fisher

3 TRITON LIGHT g.11 160 Nicki Valvo Nicki Valvo

4 GUSTO AT DAWN [L] g.9 160 Swope, B Benjamin C. Swope Benjamin C. Swope

5 COGNASHENE [L] g.10 160 Norris, K Pathfinder Racing Neil R. Morris

6 DYE FORE [L] g.6 160 McDermott, S Mrs. S. K. Johnston Jr. Jack Fisher

7 ON THE CORNER g.11 170 Beecher, M Ivy Hill Stable, LLC Alicia Murphy

THIRD RACE (#55) Purse $45,000. Allowance Hurdle. 2-1/8 Miles over National Fences.

POST TIME: 2:00 p.m.

1 TUBAL [L] g.7 148 Sloan, C Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy

2 MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER g.6 156 Dalton, B Gregory D. Hawkins Janet Elliot

3 AS YOU LIKE IT [L] g.5 152 Galligan, G Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. Jonathan Sheppard

4 UNSINKABLE (IRE) [L] g.7 152 Doyle, J Robert A. Kinsley Elizabeth H. Voss

5 MY AFLEET [L] g.6 156 Norris, K Merriebelle Stable, LLC Mark Beecher

6 SIGNATURE LOOK [L] g.5 152 McDermott, S Northwoods Stable Jack Fisher

7 WILD DYNAFORMER [L] g.5 *151 Crowley, B Woodslane Farm Jack Fisher

8 EASY EXIT [L] g.5 152 Murphy, J Clorevia Farm Doug Fout

9 REPORTER [L] g.5 152 Geraghty, R Beverly R. Steinman Doug Fout

FOURTH RACE (#56) Purse $75,000. THE DAVID SEMMES MEMORIAL (Grade II). Hurdle Stakes. 2-1/8 Miles over National Fences.

POST TIME: 2:45 p.m.

1 ALAJMAL g.9 144 Gregory D. Hawkins Janet Elliot

2 HARDROCK ELEVEN [L] g.7 144 Norris, K Virginia Lazenby Racing Stable LLC Doug Fout

3 ALL THE WAY JOSE [L] g.7 144 Galligan, G Buttonwood Farm Jonathan Sheppard

4 CHORAL SOCIETY [L] g.8 144 McCarthy, W Petticoats Loose Farm Jack Fisher

5 DIPLOMAT [L] g.8 144 Dalton, B Flying Elvis Stable Kate Dalton

6 SPECIAL SKILLS [L] g.7 148 McDermott, S Sheila J. Williams Jack Fisher

7 BALANCE THE BUDGET [L] g.8 144 Watts, M Stonelea Stables LLC Julie Gomena

8 SIMENON (IRE) [S] [L] g.10 144 Geraghty, R Rosbrian Farm Ricky Hendriks

9 CHARMINSTER (IRE) [L] g.11 152 Doyle, J Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy

10 SCHOODIC [L] g.7 148 Young, P Edith R. Dixon Jack Fisher

[S] – denotes supplementary nominee

FIFTH RACE (#57) Purse $100,000. THE VIRGINIA GOLD CUP. Timber Stakes. 4 Miles over Timber.

POST TIME: 3:30 p.m.

1 LE CHEVALIER [L] g.8 165 Watts, M Michael A. Smith Julie Gomena

2 HOT RIZE [L] g.13 165 Galligan, G Holston Hall Russell Haynes

3 GRAND MANAN [L] g.8 165 Nagle, D Donald Reuwer Jr. William Meister

4 CANYON ROAD [L] g.8 165 Murphy, J Gordonsdale Farm Christopher Kolb

5 EBANOUR (IRE) [L] g.10 165 Dahl, G Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy

6 RAVEN’S CHOICE [L] g.10 165 Beecher, M Ann Jackson Todd J. Wyatt

7 LEMONY BAY (GB) [L] g.8 165 McDermott, S Bruton Street-US Jack Fisher

SIXTH RACE (#58) Purse $50,000. THE SECRETARIAT STAKES. Flat Stakes. 1-1/2 Miles on the Turf.

POST TIME: 4:15 p.m.

1 HOPPALA (IRE) [L] g.4 151 Colvin G. Ryan Eva D. Smithwick

2 MUTASAAWY [L] g.7 151 Norris, K Pathfinder Racing Neil R. Morris

3 CROWN THY GOOD [L] g.7 151 Young, P Michael A. Smith Leslie F. Young

4a OCEAN READY [L] g.4 151 McDermott, S Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy

5 NEXRAD [L] (x7) g.5 147 Murphy, J Matthew Schera James Lawrence II

6 POSTULATION [L] g.5 155 Slater, J Runnymede Racing LLC Edward L. Graham

7 RUM TUM TUGGER [L] g.8 155 Galligan, G Lake Lonely Racing Jonathan Sheppard

8b MR SINGH (GB) [L] g.5 155 Dahl, G Merriebelle Stable, LLC Elizabeth H. Voss

9 DOMO ARTIEGATO [L] g.6 151 Walsh, R Monica Bauman Fenneka Bentley

10 GOTTA GET AWAY [L] g.4 151 Norris, K Lana Wright Neil R. Morris

11b RENOWN (GB) [L] g.6 155 Doyle, J Merriebelle Stable, LLC Elizabeth H. Voss

12 COMPLETE ST. [L] (x8) m.7 150 Boucher, R Harlan J. Crossman Lilith Boucher

AE13a RIVER RUSH [L] g.8 155 McCarthy, W Irvin S. Naylor Cyril Murphy


SEVENTH RACE (#59) Purse $40,000. Allowance Flat. 1-1/2 Miles on the Turf.

POST TIME: 4:45 p.m.

1 RODIE [L] g.5 *146 Crowley, B Lawrence G. McDade Susan S. Cooney

2 WILLIE’S MOJO g.4 147 Galligan, G Randolph D. Rouse Trust David M. Bourke

3 SWELLELEGENT [L] g.5 151 Norris, K Tom Hulfish Neil R. Morris

4 KEEPYURIONDABALADO g.5 ***137 Valvo, Z Matthew McCarron Zoe Valvo

5 ATLANTA BABE [L] m.5 142 Boucher, R Lady Olivia North Cliff Lilith Boucher

6 PETAK MOUNTAIN [L] g.8 ***137 Clifton, E In Memory of My Father Stable Arch Kingsley, Jr.

7 CORSTORPHINE (IRE) [L] g.4 147 McDermott, S S. Bruce Smart, Jr. Jimmy Day

8 DISOBEDIENCE [L] g.4 147 Geraghty, R Debra E. Kachel Ricky Hendriks

9 HARD THUNDER [L] g.5 151 Norris, K MACHA Racing Madison F. Meyers

10 NEXRAD [L] (x6) g.5 147 Murphy, J Matthew Schera James Lawrence II

11 APPROBATION [L] g.6 147 Murphy, J Alexandra White Alexandra White

12 CHANGE MAKER g.5 147 Dalton, B Dave Washer Dave Washer

AE13 HANNO [L] (x1) g.6 147 McDermott, S Mrs. S. K. Johnston Jr. Jack Fisher

AE14 DELAWANA [L] g.9 ***137 Fullilove, M Ballyerin Racing LLC Madison F. Meyers

AE15 MY OWN LANE [L] g.5 147 Galligan, G Pathfinder Racing Neil R. Morris

AE16 TIR NA NOG [L] g.4 147 Dahl, G Mrs. Thomas H. Voss Elizabeth H. Voss

AE17 END OF AN ERA [L] g.5 147 Doyle, J Atlanta Hall Racing LLC Elizabeth H. Voss


NOTE: This race was redrawn due to a clerical error that inadvertently left out a horse.


EIGHTH RACE (#60) Purse $35,000. Virginia Bred or Sired Flat. 1-1/4 Miles on the Turf.

POST TIME: 5:15 p.m.

1 A ZOO SOCIETY g.10 ***135 Clifton, E John E. Teas, Jr. John E. Teas, Jr.

2 FREE UNION [L] g.4 155 Walsh, R Lawrence Stables Inc. James Lawrence II

3 WILLISVILLE [L] g.5 155 Murphy, J Jean Rofe Jean Rofe

4 HOOPING [L] g.7 155 Geraghty, R Debra E. Kachel Ricky Hendriks

5 OFFICER’S OATH [L] g.4 155 McDermott, S S. Bruce Smart, Jr. Jimmy Day

6 BALISTES [L] g.5 145 Norris, K Sara E. Collette Neil R. Morris

7 CURVE OF STONES g.6 150 Galligan, G S. Rebecca Shepherd David M. Bourke

8 JO PYE WEED m.6 155 Young, P Crookston Castle Liam McVicar

9 SUPER BIRD [L] g.4 *150 Crowley, B Robert Kirk Edward Mulligan

10 MONEY PITCH [L] m.5 140 McCarthy, W Renaissance Stable Edward Mulligan

11 COMPLETE ST. [L] (x6) m.7 145 Boucher, R Harlan J. Crossman Lilith Boucher

Scratches, naming of riders and equipment changes by 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 3, with the NSA office. 410-392-0700. Horses may not remain cross entered beyond Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. For communication with the NSA after 5:00 p.m., Friday: NSA Voice Mail – (410) 392-0700 (answers after 5th ring) NSA cellular phones – 443-553-1882 (Bill Gallo); 443) 553-1880 (Peter McGivney)

Stewards: Tad Zimmerman (Presiding), Gus Brown, Gregg Morris, Stirling Young (Safety Steward).

NSA Officials: Stewards Secretary – Bill Gallo; Clerk of Scales – Bill Hair; Horse Identifier/Tattoo Technician – Sam Geris; Starter – Graham Alcock; Testing Vet – Dr. Chad Hundley; Medication Veterinarian – Dr. Jeff Witwer (803-243-0328).

The Virginia Gold Cup SOTA representative will be Richard Valentine (540-270-1819). Please direct all horsemen’s issues or concerns to him prior to approaching the Race Chairman or a member of the Race Committee.

Attention Horsemen: Any scratches after Wednesday, May 3rd must be made with the Presiding Steward, Tad Zimmerman (540-539-1502) and shall only be made based on the recommendation