TVG, XPressBet & Twin Spires Show Handle Gains in March Versus A Year Ago

Wagering figures are in for the month of March and once again, TVG, XPressBet and Twin Spires showed significant increases in betting handle from Virginia residents when compared to the same month a year prior.

Total combined handle from the trio in March was $5,661,814, and when added to January’s $5,771,149 and February’s $5,504,056, brings the 2016 first quarter total to $16,937,019.

TVG remained the front runner with a March total of $2,663,816, or $7,895,436 for the quarter. Twin Spires handled $2,002,767 for the month and $5,896,752 for the quarter and XPressBet customers bet $1,025,230 in March and $3,144,830 for the quarter. Respective business increases for those three Advance Deposit Wagering (ASW) companies were 13%, 6%, and 26% when comparing the 2016 January through March period versus that of 2015 .

The overall quarterly total dropped 25% though compared to 2015, because a year ago, there was a 4th ADW company — EZ Horseplay — that was the top handle generator. Since EZ Horseplay went out of business early last April, future reports will reflect more of a true total handle comparison since there were three operating ADW companies a year ago and three still today.