Piedmont Fox Hounds Point-To-Point Races At Salem Race Course In Upperville

Date: March 23, 2019
Time: 8:30 am  to  6:00 pm

Make plans to attend the second Point-to-Point spring racing event of the season on Saturday March 23rd. The Piedmont Fox Hounds Point-to-Point will be run at the Salem Race Course in Upperville beginning at 1 PM. Tailgating spots are available and can be booked by calling 540-592-7100.

The Piedmont Fox Hound Point-to-Point takes place at the Salem Race Course in Upperville.

A series of Hunter pace events will take place beginning at 8:30 AM. These are competitions designed to simulate conditions encountered during fox hunting. The Piedmont Fox Hound event is one of many that help define the Middleburg area as the “Nation’s Horse and Hunt Capital.” More information on this aspect is available at 410-790-5359.

This year, the Virginia Equine Alliance (VEA) is funding a new starter reward program called “Points to Points Pay”. Any horse that starts in a flat, hurdle or timber race which is owned by a Virginian or trained by a Virginian will receive $200 per start. It’s an effort to increase participation and build field size at these events.

Horse owned or trainef by Virginians will be rewarded for starting an any spring “Point-to-Point” race.

“The VEA recognizes that the Point to Point circuits are a vital element of steeplechase racing and we want to do everything we can to promote and support the Point to Points in Virginia,” said VEA Executive Director Jeb Hannum. “They are an important first step for many horses and they give young riders an opportunity before going to the sanctioned meets.”